Frequently asked questions

Networking or network marketing is more often used by start up companies. This was proven to be an effective way of introducing your products, and the company, as well as compensate the affiliate re-sellers for the efforts to bring in people and profit in the company.

Pairing or match sales bonus is a compensation scheme which rewards pioneer members who made a lot of efforts to bring in people in the company.

As shown in the image above, a pairing only works if a pioneer member has a co-member that was newly registered went in under his umbrella of co-members. Regardless of the level, matching the left and right nodes will give the pioneer member the “pairing”

Rebates are cash-back rewards. For example, just like the banks and credit card companies, if you bought a certain item using debit or credit card, you’ll get a cash back percentage of what you bought.
With this method, debit or credit card owners are more engaged using the cards instead of cash.

Same goes in the system.
If the member purchased an encoded product in the system.
Of course, with the purchase code given from the company’s office, the member can enter the details of this purchase code on the system and earn a money-back (cash back reward).

Unilevel reward is also a product-related compensation scheme. Imagine you’re a pioneer member, and I am a member as well but I am under your network umbrella. Once I have purchased a product and saved the purchase code into my account,
you as an upper member of the network, will receive a certain bonus and it is called unilevel bonus.